Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- USA Street Team

Check out Jupiter’s trailer for their debut album, Classical Element!

"Sorry for the stupid question but what time will be Jupiter's Ustream? I mean what hour? Sorry I am from Romania and I am not sure how to calculate it Q_Q"
asked by Anonymous

Well I googled it, and if it starts at 8am eastern time in the US it should start at 4pm for you? (this is where I got it from) I hope this is right and/or helps ><;

Kamijo will be appearing with Jupiter during their next Ustream.

Kamijo will be joining Jupiter on their next Ustream starting August 14th at 8am Eastern/ 5am Pacific!

Please join us for our first street team podcast starting at 11:30pm EST/ 8:30pm PT tonight! 

It’s no secret that it’s been a while since we’ve used our blog, so we would like to introduce new blogger to the team, Joshua Curtis (also amisbro here on tumblr)! Here’s a new Kamijo interview translation Josh collaborated on with Arianne (second-fear). Please note that this is not official, so please take it with a grain of salt.

New look and and new video from Jupiter

Jupiter has just released their new look for their upcoming album Classical Element.

They have also released a new message on CDJapan so be sure to go and check it out. While you’re there be sure to preorder your copy! ;D

Teru has released the art for Jupiter’s upcoming album Classical Element along with the details for each version.

Tonight Jupiter is celebrating the completion of mixing for their new single. Additionally, Hizaki had this to say to US Jupiter fans! Everyone please keep sharing Jupiter as much you can to show that America truly wants to see them. :D

Jupiter has released a new teaser for their debut single Blessing of the Future. The video also has some live footage from their recent shows!! Be sure to give it a listen~

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